Established in 1993 by Bronx Graff writer MED, TuffCity began as a Tattoo shop made up of artists with a background in Graffiti. What started as a tattoo shop slowly turned into a gathering place for street artists from around the world. Artists traveling to New York began making a pilgrimage to TuffCity to meet the resident artists and hopefully have an opportunity to paint. In 2007 TuffCity aquired a space that finally had an outdoor wall space and a mock MTA subway train for  visiting artists to be able to express themselves. TuffCity continues to have visitors from countries all over the world share stories and create amazing works of art. Tuff City is the official MTN paint shop in NYC and we sell paint and art supplies for all artists to create.

TuffCity now features 10 artists with various specialties to make sure your tattoo vision becomes reality.

Tuffcity now offers proffessional cosmetic tattooing and microblading and proffessional body piercing